Spare parts

In the end, sparte times inspire you to follow your dreams. It proves that ” If you can dream it, you can do it”. In common with the competitive MIT they had no chance. MIT had acsess to $10,000, which is $9000 more than the five boys from Arizona. But something they had was teamwork. The five Mexican/American boys had hope, willingness and strength. They scraped together $1,000, and built the cheapest and ugliest robot ever. On their way to build the robot, they had a hard time hiding from the government. All five of them was immigrants from Mexico, who could be kicked out from the country anytime. On their way they learned to never give up, and how to bond  together. They became friends for life.


Spare parts

Exploring Kolsåstoppen

On wednesday our class went to a trip to Kolsåstoppen with Ann. Kolsåstoppen is a small mountain her in Bærum. There are usually someone who climbs up, but that wasn`t  the reason why we where there. 1STC (our class) where there to find different rocks as rhomb porphyry. Kolsåstoppen belongs to Oslofeltet, which is a very interesting area to explore.

I had a fun trip, with funny people. I learned a lot about limestones and some history about the KIF- cabin.


Here is me taking pictures of a rock and a view on my way up.

On top there was an amazing view over Oslofjorden and Bærum. 2230

Exploring Kolsåstoppen

The Prime Minister`s visit

For about two weeks ago, the Norwegian Prime minister visited our school, Sandvika vgs. Her name is Erna Solberg, and she wanted to experience a secondary school in our county, Akershus. Erna talked with some of the students on my stage. They discussed a project in science.  Mayor Lisbeth Krogh from Bærum, and mayor Lene Conradi from Asker where there aswell, with county mayor Anette Solli.

It was a huge honour for Sandvika vgs, and an interesting day for the students there. People was more concerned about taking selfies, than asking questions, which I found very funny.

I borrowed these pictures of my good friend Nora. You can see our prime minister in a blue jacket and dress.

The Prime Minister`s visit

“The landlady”

A short story like this consists of :

  • few persons
  • surprising end
  • begins in the action
  • short period
  • reading between the lines

Roald dahl is the author of the story, and i think he writes in a way which is easy to read. I thought the story was exciting, and creepy. When Billy was trying to find out who Christopher and Gregory, I found it very suspending, especially when I found out that they where murdered there. It surprised me that the nice lady, turned into a frightening person in the end.

We just finished the movie of this story. I enjoyed watching the movie, more than the shorts story, because i did understand more with pictures and sound together. The movie had an easy language, with  short lines from the actors. I found out that Christopher and George had been missing for a long time, so that`s the reason why Billy found them familiar.

“The landlady”