“The landlady”

A short story like this consists of :

  • few persons
  • surprising end
  • begins in the action
  • short period
  • reading between the lines

Roald dahl is the author of the story, and i think he writes in a way which is easy to read. I thought the story was exciting, and creepy. When Billy was trying to find out who Christopher and Gregory, I found it very suspending, especially when I found out that they where murdered there. It surprised me that the nice lady, turned into a frightening person in the end.

We just finished the movie of this story. I enjoyed watching the movie, more than the shorts story, because i did understand more with pictures and sound together. The movie had an easy language, with  short lines from the actors. I found out that Christopher and George had been missing for a long time, so that`s the reason why Billy found them familiar.

“The landlady”

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