How technology is making me learn!

Here at Sandvika vgs, technology is an important source of learning. In my class, everybody has their textbooks downloaded on their pc. During every lesson, we use or computers to take notes, write essays, or do tests. On Monday we had a geography test at our computer, which worked great.

A reason why technology makes it easier for me to learn, is that I can look up everything i think is complicated in class. I have access to websites with lots of facts, like This blog is a good example of why technology is helping me learn. Every week I have to write one or two blogpost here. Then I make sure I write English often, helping me improve my english.

In the future, we do have to understand how to use different technological aids. How to make a power Point Presentation, how to make advanced searches, and how to communicate with others over the internet, especially in work.


This is the girls in my class. We are good friends.

How technology is making me learn!

6 thoughts on “How technology is making me learn!

  1. themba says:

    I think it’s great to see that countries all over the world are using technology and utilizing their abilities here in south Africa we also use technology to work and it is easier as of all the information we have at our disposal but do you think that there should be any restrictions or anything ?


  2. Tiyana John says:

    Hi, At Dainfern College, South Africa. We use technology (iPads) to do work in class. We have 4 IT classrooms with computers and we have one Apple iMac lab and they are always in use.

    This blog was very interesting because it was nice to learn what other schools in the world are doing with technology and how they learn.



  3. Kayla says:

    Hello Sara, I find it really interesting how you are allowed use compuers at school and that you have most of your textbooks on them.
    The way I use technology in my school is that we use our Ipads or cellphones. And we have computer labs if we want to print or do other tasks.
    We still do most of our work in our textbooks rather than using technology.


    1. Thank you for comment, Kayla! I do like to use my computer as a source, even if i am used not to. A great thing of having my textbook on my pc, is that i can choose if I want someone to read a chapter up loud. DO you also have a blog?


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