General facts about Australia


Australia consists of six different states and three mainland territories. Each state and territory has its own parliament and its own local laws. The main parliament sits in Canberra and makes laws for the whole country, they are also known as the Commonwealth or Federation. The Prime Minister of Australia Malcom Turnbull is the chosen leader by the parliament and leads all federal government. The leader of Australia is the Prime Minister although the Governor-General plays quite a big part because he represents the Queen of Australia, which is also the longest reigning Queen of Britain



Australian literature is all literary work done in the area or by the people of the Commonwealth of Australia. During Australia’s early western history, it was one of the many British colonies, therefor its literature is heavily linked and very similar to the broad English literature. Since 1788, the strong character of the country became a big part of Australian literature and they started including themes like Aboriginality, mateship, egalitarianism, democracy, migrant and national identity. Because of the distance between other Western countries and the closeness to Asia the Australian literature was characterized with urban living and the “beauty and terror” of living in the Australian bush.


Regions in Australia:

Australia is a big and very beautiful country divided into six states (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia) and two territories (Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory). In each of Australia´s states and territories, there are a capital city, and smaller regional towns and cities.

-Sara F

Religion in Australia

The major religion in Australia is Christianity, 61% of the population is Christian. The major denominations are Anglican and Catholic. Together they account 42.4% of the Australian population. About 31% of the population stated that they don’t have any religion, or that they do not state their religion. Also the Non-Christians represent 8% of the population. The Non-Christian religions include Buddhism (2.5%), Islam (2.2%), Hindus (1.3%) and Jews (0.5%). The Australian Aboriginal practice something referred to as “dreaming”. In the 2011 Census, about 7361 people, practiced Aboriginal traditional religions.

-Sara F

Issues in Australia

Australia is a country with a lot of  environmental issues. The primary issue about the environment in Australia, is of human intervention in nature.  Pressure on the natural enviroment through waste and pollution.The use of oil and gas is growing, which leads to disturbance and changes in nature. Huge machines destroyes woods with biological diversities in short time, which usually takes thousands of years to develop.  This is just two of many examples of issues in Australia.

-Sara B

General facts about Australia

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