Using Kahoot to learn

In today`s lesson we got a visit from Kahoot. They came to our class on Sandvika VGS,to spill in their commercial with us!! Therefor every makker group had to make a kahoot, and perform it for the kahoot-team, and the rest of the class. is a platform for learning, where you can make quizzes for your class, or your audience. You write questions, with multiple choice answers.

Last lesson everyone had to write a blogpost about Ernest Hemingway, so today every group had to make a kahoot about him. Daniel, Mohammed, Benedicte and I worked together in a group. We found facts about Hemingway from our last blogpost, and Benedicte found some other fun facts on the internet. Total we made eleven great questions, with pictures of Hemingway.

Every group had to present their own names, and read the questions up loud from their quiz, at the same time as a cameraman filmed us. He started to film from the second we came in to the classroom, which felt weird, but at the same time it was kind of a funny feeling.

I learned a lot more about Ernest Hemingway today. First I had to find facts about him myself for our Kahoot. Later i had to answer questions about him in the other groups quizzes . Personally I think this way of learning is great. You get forced to find out facts about a theme, person, organisation, basically whatever you want. If you pick the wrong answer, the right one comes up. You learn by failing! Therefor i defiantly recommend this learning platform to other teachers, and students around the world.

Here is a picture of my class, and the kahoot-team.
Here is a picture of my class, and the kahoot-team.
Using Kahoot to learn

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