Indigenous aboriginals

Research shows that 460 000  habitants in Australia are descendants of indigenous from Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islands. The differences between these two are in areas as education, living and health.

The aboriginals must have lived in Australia for more than 50.000 years. There are 500 types of aboriginals,each with their own language and area, if I did not misunderstood.  The aboriginals explains that being a part of their culture, isa not about their skin colour or face shapes, but about the feeling inside, the unique spirit.

My friend from Australia didn`t know that much, except that they often were really loud, and non-aboriginals could have prejudices.


This is a picture of an Aboriginal.

The short story “The Rainbow Serpent”, was about a huge snake, who lived in dreamtime. No vegetation, animals or mountains, only humans and the serpent. The serpent was going to cross the country from South to North, and on the way he met a lot of people, talking different. Once he met some people who worried about a storm coming up, and two brothers decided to hide in the serpents mouth. He swallowed them both. When the rest of the people found out they were gone, people started climbing hills and mountains, where they found the serpent, and the two brothers alive.

The snake got really mad and thrower rocks down the mountains, which killed many in the tribe. The stones became mountains, and the killed people to bugs or something.


Indigenous aboriginals

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