How i use technology in class part 2

In todays lesson we recorded our film for the genius project. It was going to be about how we work with technology in class. The week before christmasbreak we made a script, where Ruben  was supposed to be an English exchange student here on Sandvika vgs, and William was going to show him around our school, and how we use technology in class. Markus was the camera man, who filmed the whole film, with a huge camera from IT department.  Amandus and I were mainly the directors,  but I think everyone helped, collaboration and participated to get everything done.

The editing went well, but took some time. I think the final result was great, but clearly not as good as the other group. They were even more creative, and maybe the producers there did a better job than me.

I hope my group had fun recording it, and that Ann like our video, because we made it for her, so she could show it in London where she is going.


In the making.


How i use technology in class part 2

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