Reflecting my learning

In our english lessons, we use several types of working methods to improve our english. We use our blogs to write articles, we Skype with Australians to improve our english, we make films and radioshows to talk about things we find interesting, and other facts. These methods are different, compared to what we did on Bjørnegård school. My process in english since we started on Sandvika, has been a little better i hope, but I can`t really tell. I like that we write blogpost every lesson, to improve our writing, and I think it works. Skyping with english speaking students is enhance my pronunciation in English, and at the same time it is a lot of fun.

To improve my english i should read books, watch films in English, do more grammar tasks etc. There is always improvement material, and I will try my best to get a grade up.

In todays lesson we did different types of grammar tasks. Ann shared some links on her blog. I spent most of my time at Study Zone. I did exercises about adverb, prepositions,  sentence structure, tag questions and so on. I think some of them was hard to get right, and that we should do more grammar in our lessons. I did also try out grammarly, which could really help you , especially while you write blogposts, but you had to download google chrome at you mac, if you did`t already had it.


Reflecting my learning

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