Sherman Alexie and Nick Hornby

After watching the interview of Nick Hornby here, I have mixed impressions about him. Hornby tells that he loves listening to music, and gets his inspiration from it. He also loves sport, he is actually a big Arsenal fan, but compared to music, which always gives him pleasure, football makes him sometimes also miserable.  He seems like a calmed down guy, like a typical author.  My impression is that he writes stories that is non-fiction. He likes to write stories that are authentic and original.


This is a picture of Nick Hornby.

Sherman Alexie is the author of The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian.After watching the interview of him at CONVERSATIONS AT KCTS 9, I am left with a really good impression of him and his book.  Alexis has been through a lot, but is now just stronger than ever. He now seems happy, and enjoying his profession. Alexis seemed really interesting, with some funny stories, and plenty og experiences. His appeared to be more interesting after this interview, because of the way he pictured it, with young persons feeling like outsiders, and with different cultures.


Here is a picture of Sherman Alexie.

Still, I chose About A Boy, written by Nick Hornby, because I have heard the he is in fact a talented writer, and because I know his books are filmed. Since I am not that good in English, i can read and then watch if there is something I do not understand. About A Boy is a well known book, which a number of people have read.




Sherman Alexie and Nick Hornby

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