American Politics

The presidential election is coming up in a few months, and there is much excitement about who will be the candidates this year.   Clinton and Sanders are the two Democrats running for president, while Cruz, Kasich and Trump are the ones Republicans running for president. These five are the most famous candidates this year. MTE4MDAzNDEwMDU4NTc3NDIy.jpg

I took the Presidential Election quiz for 2016, and according to the quiz I side
d the most with Hillary Clinton, and further Bernie Sanders, who both are Democrats.

One popular issue in the U.S. is including about gun control.When they ask “Should there be more restrictions on the current process of purchasing a gun?” most respondents said no. But in states as California, Illinois and New York the majority answer yes  for the process of purchasing a gun. Between the parties on that issue, has 80% of the Democrats answered YES swell as Green Party, unlike Republicans 17% was against that there should be more restrictions on the curreDonald_Trump_August_19,_2015_(cropped).jpgnt process of purchasing a gun, and 83% says NO.

If Donald Trump could have been a candidate in Europe? Yes, he could, be
cause everyone has the right to be a candidate.  But if he had, I would not vote for him.Primarily, because Trump encourages conflicts instead of integration. Second, because he causes violence, especially between his supporters and protesters. And last, because I think he is unreasonable, and I find him not trustworthy. I do not think he has the right behaviour for a president.

Skjermbilde 2016-03-25 kl. 23.42.33

Skjermbilde 2016-03-25 kl. 23.46.02

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are both Democrats. I chose these tweets, because I think it was important topics.

Skjermbilde 2016-03-25 kl. 23.49.43

Skjermbilde 2016-03-25 kl. 23.52.59

I picked out these two tweets, it was harder to find serious tweets about the election, just look at Trump.


The political cartoonist Thomas Nast, was behind the Republican elephant.  The elephant was one of the animals, which got scared away of the donkey clothed in lion skin.



Democratic-donkey.jpgThe Democratic Donkey as they call it, is from Andrew Jackson’s campaign running for president, back at 1828. His adversaries called him a jackass, which is another word for Donkey. Therefore,  did Jackson decide to use this “strong-willed” animal, symbol for Democrats.

“Democrats today say the donkey is smart and brave, while Republicans say the elephant is strong and dignified.” – fact

In an article written in The Seattle Times, writes an integrated Muslim women why se is going to vote for Clinton and Sanders, instead of the Republicans, who wants her out of the U.S. She gets supplied when someone thinks of Muslims as terrorists, when what Islam really means is peace.  She portrays Trump as a very ignorant person, and Clinton more calm and understandingly.The Washington Post writes about Sanders, who criticises Clinton for her motives and character, and for being desperate.  I chose these articles from because they where the first articles I understood about the election.

If I was an American I would be to vote for Hillary Clinton, because her polity is more or less alike Norway’s. Clinton also fights for equality between men and women. She says that human rights are women’s rights.

Donald Trump in one picture….

IMG_2198 (2)
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American Politics

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