About a boy – book and movie

– Write a short post about the movie on your blog. Those who read the book write about the differences, those who didn’t write about your impression.

I have read the book, and the main difference I noticed was the ending, where Marcus is on his way to Cambridge to his father, with Ellie. That day Kurt Cobain commits suicide, and his biggest fan, Ellie gets a breakdown and throws a rock through a window, at a poster of Kurt Cobain. They both end up at the police station.

The ending in the movie quits with Marcus performing “Killing me Softly” for his mom, at a talent show at his school. Will steps in with a guitar during Marcus’s show, to help him not take social suicide.

Other differences would be that Marcus is described even more unnormal in the book, in common to the movie, as well as I think we got to know Ellie better in the book, and how she affected Marcus and his life.501b406b96eae45bc69e947098bba6c3.jpg




About a boy – book and movie

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