Next year students

Today I watched three commencement speeches by Ellen, J.K Rowling, and Steven Spielberg. Ellens message was to follow your passion, and be critical to advise from others.  She talked about her ups and downs in life, and how everything is going to be okey in the end.  Rowlings speech was about failure, that everyone fail greater or less, and how you learn from your mistakes. Another theme she talked about was imagination. Everyone knows about the Harry Potter stories, and then about her huge imagination. She thought it was important to be able to imagine how others live, and think that you, who lives in a democratic country doesn`t have it so awful as we like to think some days. Her advice was to speak up for those who can´t. Another person who also mentioned that in his speech, was Steven Spielberg. He talked about humanity, experiences, and characters defining moments. That everyday, in every choice we make, we got a character defining moment. No one is perfect, and no one could be great at everything. If you fail  a test, most likely you would score better on another test, in a subject you could do.

Next year students

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